Get Unlimited Access to FilmMaking, Art, Photography, School Programs And More For Less Than $300 A Year, Create Like Spielberg For Less


Future Learn Is a Portal of Top Universities from around the world teaching a wide range of Courses that would generally cost way more. Classes can be taken in there entirety free, and if you pay a relatively small fee you get the transcript with the school, and right now $269 a year will get you, unlimited classes.


Also, degree’s and certificates are offered in all kind’s of categories, not just arts and entertainment. It is the outrageous cost of education has created a student loan crises in the United States, More than 1 million people default on their student loans each year. Nearly 40 percent of borrowers are expected to default on their student loans by 2023. According to

As far as arts and entertainment are concerned I once had a friend who I admired greatly who had a job with a large company running the art department, he didn’t get there with a degree, but earned 8 different art certificates, he had on in web design, photography, videography, desktop publishing, art design, painting, sculpting, and Audio production.

Maybe a degree isn’t alway’s what you need, and I do believe that money spent on education is money well spent, but when young people are getting out of school in insurmountable debt is not good, it’s bad for the person the family and for society.

Sites like can be a great educational resume builder, there’s nursing, mathematics., science, computer and go take a closer look.

Here is a statement from the Press link on the website:

At the EADTU-EU Summit 2019, Brussels, the EMC launched a Common Microcredential Framework (CMF) with its founding platform partners including FutureLearnFrance Université Numérique (FUN)OpenupEdMiríadaxand  EduOpen.

The move comes in response to demand from learners to develop new knowledge, skills and competencies from shorter, recognized and quality-assured courses, which can also be used to earn traditional university qualifications. The CMF establishes a framework for these goals to be achieved across Europe’s leading MOOC platforms and the universities within their networks. The ambition is to lay the foundations for a new international credential for universities to meet the needs of lifelong learners, globally.

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