My Artist Resume and Bio:


5961 N Antillon Place

Tucson AZ 85741


In the Mid 80’S:

My story starts in JR High in the AV Department, we would do Mock News show’s and cover current events, The most fun part was making commercials and everybody would try to come up with funny fictitious products, and see who was funniest, my personal hits included Sewers Beer, Buck meats Cereal, and you get the point.

In The Late 80’s:

From there I went to an Open High School, that taught contemporary Music, and had a fully functional 8 Track Studio, I loved to try to create Heavy Metal, I was terrible, but it was fun.

The end of The 80’s:

From there I took some Journalism at Salt Lake Community College, I took so much pride in writing for the school paper, My college writing career was sidetracked when I wrote a very important article about how our school needed radio and TV equipment broadcasting and film making. Which led to an uncomfortable meeting with my instructor who wouldn’t publish the article and for good reason. The school like so many other things was strapped for cash and could bring trouble on the department.

Then I made an interesting discovery, about six blocks away was a private trade school called The American Technical Center, they had a little broadcasting program a lot like a Columbia School Of Broadcasting. It was fun 9 months of sheer joy, I loved the old AP news ticker, I’d be wiring news copy like I was ringing a bell, And my produced commercials were so good, everybody hated me for it.

The beginning of The ’90s:

About that time I gave my Life to the Lord Jesus Christ, I never knew love like that existed, So I’m in this Broadcasting Program right, I had purchased this boom box that was top of the line back then. And all of a sudden no matter what station I put on you could hear that and the local Christian station, So I get Mad, I call the station and the lady doing the show answers, and I get belligerent, “there’s something Wrong with your transmitter, your blowing out every station in the Valley” I snarled. And God Bless her she was so Kind, she said I’m Sorry I’ll talk to our engineer”, She was so nice so I thought there was something wrong with the tuner on the stereo until my car started doing it too.

For the money I was working in The Parking Lot of The SLC Red Lion Hotel as a Security Guard, I couldn’t Stop reading my bible. One night I decided to read the book of revelations, so many people have received the Holy Spirit reading that book. I got to the part wherein speaking Revelation 21:27 “27 and nothing that defiles or profanes or is unwashed will ever enter it, nor anyone who practices abominations [detestable, morally repugnant things] and lying, but only those [will be admitted] whose names have been written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.” And I had to stop and pray: “Jesus sweet Jesus I know I’m a Sinner. I went to pull away and heard a voice say “wait” and it was like someone was standing over me Pouring liquid love into my body, It was like angels were all around me stirring I couldn’t see them but they were there rustling like the wind.

This leads me away from radio and TV stuff for a good many years. I started School for music and Audio Engineering at Sacramento City College, I had idea that I could make contemporary Christian Music, much like my High School experience I was Awful, I spent a summer taking classes on the day to day opp orations of a recording studio. I took one of the best Busyness of Entertainment classes, best class I ever took in my life, with instructor Don Young, the class was so good I could hardly sit still, I also learned a lot about midi.

This was The Mid 90’s:

I then because I heard an Electronics Background is not a bad idea for sound engineers, I signed up and earned an AAS Degree in Electronics engineering technology from the now Defunct ITT Technical Institute. It barely bears mentioning that my Aunt Barbara in LA had married a sound engineer with two academy awards in the movie business, some people know about this, please do not consider this in the hiring process, the work he does is Ph.D. level, and I would say that his success has never had anything to do with me, and I’ve never worked with him. The brand he worked on was DTS with the Cd’s exploding in the movie theater.

I worked at Apple Computer now Apple Inc(the first I macs), Power wave technologies(cell phone chips), Tasq technologies (ATM tech), IBS, Cache Creek Casino(video tech), Fry’s Electronics(electronic components) and etc.

Then I started the one thing that changed my life ever, the now defunct, I got into online political film distribution. People hated me for the conspiracy-laden films, works of Alex Jones, Ralph Epperson, Will Gazeki and the like. I’ve been fighting for my life ever since, but it’s been very worth it, people who know me say I’m the only guy they trust. Through this today everybody knows who I am, regardless of weather, they will admit it or not. It was under this name I made The Alpha And Omega Code, and the best independent Doc I Worked on called “The New Silent Generation” with the effervescent Sabrina Van Keuren which won A California Film Award: a 2012 Diamond Award in the student filmmaker category.

Now I have where I write and put up other peoples video’s and I do Journalism with which is a new group started by CNN.

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