Making The Switch: Updated:

Making The Switch: Updated:

Chrome was like an open door for malware, everyday running Chrome I would run Malware Bytes free version. At the height I found 361 threats, but no matter how many threats I found. I would find them everyday, it was from using Chrome all day.

Once I started back to Firefox, I had to update and check the settings, and it started running great.

The last day I found 69 threats, and know with Firefox I never find any.

Below is the original Article:

I’ve switched to Mozilla Firefox from Chrome, It doesn’t work as good or at least with everything, but it’s also not Spy Ware, the people at Firefox still care about user privacy.

Also I haven’t done a google search in some time, I’ve been using duckboards witch has a great commitment to searchers privacy, and I’m looking at Bing as an alternative, I’m not sure about them yet.

Also Facebook and google are looking at major problems, Facebook is falling apart and I’m wondering how long they’ll be able to keep it together, it’s going to be weird if people make there way back to MySpace, still there, aint it funny how that works.

Anyways if Face book dumps me my MySpace is, My tumblr is , and my needs renewal, the free version is at, I am planning to renew just not yet, If I loose my place I’m still here.

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