The New Silent Generation

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Here it is ad Supported, we wish it was better, but a good effort I must say. please leave comments, even if you didn’t like it, today for 2014 we have pride as we look foreword to a bright new year. click on movie photo images or click here

“The New Silent Generation” A Sabrina Van Keuren Film, Is about young people today who are really having a hard time. When I met Sabrina she had a big ambition to go to film school, and though she still does, She took the opportunity to work with me, Jeff Teck, I work to create low budget independent video’s here in Tucson AZ, with my website.
In San Diego CA, we won a 2012 Diamond Award at “The California Film Awards” a humanitarian Festival Prize.

Reviews: Brian Morton click link  to see our article:
Have you ever seen a person younger than you
and wondered what they’re thinking about?  Well, filmmaker Sabrina Van
Keuren asked a few of them in Arizona and got some interesting answers
in a new short documentary called The New Silent Generation.
In this short, young people are asked about the future, God, the
economy and several other things that affect us all, and their
perspective will make you think.  We hear a lot of older people complain
 about young people and how self-centered they are, but The New Silent
Generation will give you some hope!
I’m giving The New Silent Generation 3 out of 4 cigars, the only
problem I had with the whole movie was the sound quality was a bit low
and made a lot of the interviews hard to hear!(audio know fixed)  Other than that, this is
 a very interesting doc on an interesting subject that deserved more
time!  Find out more over at

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